Value is our first name

At ValuPlus, we treat our customers as well as you treat your customers. In fact, we are famous for a high level of customer service. And that comes with a commitment to ethical and fair industry practices that surpass the industry norm: ValuPlus is an A-Plus rated merchant services provider and is a long-term member of the Better Business Bureau.

Welcome to our family.

Customers first

As a member of our family, you are at the top of our “to do” list every hour, every day. That’s why we have a 24/7/365 help desk, local responsive telephone, on-site service and state-of-the-art online reporting.

Industry expertise

The foundation of ValuPlus is built on 24 years in the merchant services industry, expertise, research and a far-reaching network of successful business partnerships.


To ensure you’re competitive, we are constantly searching for the newest credit card payment technology to bring to our customers. Through ValuPlus, you can access the latest cloud-based technology to accept all kinds of payments, including:

  • Cell phone/mobile and iPad payment acceptance
  • Low-cost cash register systems or virtual terminals
  • Pay-at-table technology