Pricing & Fees

ValuPlus Merchant Services Pricing & Fees

Custom Cost Plus Pricing

ValuPlus offers independent and smaller merchants Cost Plus Pricing to keep credit card payment-processing fees low. This protects merchants from service increases. Our strategy is to save all merchants we sign 40% to 50% off their current processor service fees. To qualify for rate savings within our Custom Cost Plus Program, a previous merchant service statement must be provided.

Custom Cost Plus Pricing is determined by a merchant’s sales volume and the number of credit card transactions. Some merchants on this program pay as low as zero basis points and three cents.

Cost Plus Pricing includes a pass through without mark up of bank interchange fees and card association assessments. In addition, a small percentage and an item fee are surcharged to cover payment-processing costs. ValuPlus also bills for nominal monthly services such as statement and reporting services.

Easy-To-Understand Credit Card Processing Rates

Most businesses have no idea what they are paying for credit card processing until they receive a monthly statement. Statements are detailed, complex and hard to understand. Not with ValuPlus. What you see is what you pay.

About the merchant services industry

Lots of people make promises that may or may not be true about merchant service pricing. Often merchants are quoted one very low rate that sounds unbeatable but they are not informed of downgrades or hidden component fees. ValuPlus is transparent about pricing. We tell you everything up front. There are no hidden charges or misinformation. And ValuPlus rates are among the lowest in the industry, as demonstrated by the chart below.

Rate comparison *
Rate Square Each Cost Paypal Each Cost ValuPlus Each Cost

In almost every case, ValuPlus Merchants Association has lower rates than both PayPal and Square. And we have the best customer service. Why would you choose another merchant services provider?

Category   Sale of $50   Sale of $50   Sale of $50
Qualifed rate 2.75%  $            1.38 2.70%   1.90%  
Qualified item 0  $                 -   0.3  $          1.65 0.2  $          1.15
Hand keyed rate 3.50%  $            1.75 2.90% 2.90%  
Hand Key item 0.15  $            1.90 0.3  $          1.75 0.2  $          1.65
Gateway    $                 -    $    10.00  on line     
Monthly fees        
*Statement 0  $                 -     5  
*PCI 0  $                 -     8.25  
*TIN 0  $                 -     5.75  
Other fees        
Chargeback 20 20 15  
Qualified fee totals        
50 sales a month    $          69.00    $       82.50    $       77.50
100 sales a month    $        138.00    $     165.00    $     135.00
500 sales a month    $        690.00    $     875.00    $     595.00
1000 sales a month    $    1,380.00    $ 1,750.00    $ 1,170.00
NQ fee totals        
50 sales a month    $          95.00    $       97.50    $     102.50
100 sales a month    $        190.00    $     185.00    $     185.00
500 sales a month    $        950.00    $     885.00    $     845.00
1000 sales a month    $    1,900.00    $ 1,760.00    $ 1,670.00

Bill of Merchants’ Rights

The Right for full disclosure of all merchant account fees

ValuPlus fully discloses and will discuss all of our services and account fees. The overall percent is the real cost. All account fees paid added together can be divided by the gross sales dollars to determine a real cost for merchant services.

The Right to receive promised savings

Because we are a customer-centric company, ValuPlus offers a 60-day evaluation period. Within 60 days of your account activation date, a ValuPlus representative will review your first full month's processing statement to demonstrate that you’ve received the pricing and savings quoted at the time of activation. We do what we say.

The Right to have full disclosure up front

Too often, merchants complete an account application and don’t realize that it becomes a contract when it’s accepted. Terms and conditions apply even if the sales person did not provide them to a merchant upon application. At ValuPlus we provide terms & conditions up front, even before you sign an application.

We answer our telephones

We don’t believe good customer service means your phone call is answered by an automated system or sent overseas. There will always be a person at the other end of the phone to answer your questions or consult with you on ways to use our services to improve your business. We are here to serve.

We warrant our services

ValuPlus will work to resolve any and all reported problems in a timely and competent manner. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the service you receive, I invite you to call me direct at (303)753-0833 extension 102. I will personally facilitate a satisfactory resolution to meet your expectations. If I cant do so, then you are free to leave our services if you choose.

Seth Feinstein

President & C.E.O.